v shape facelift

Speaking with the best doctor in Singapore

Who is Dr Lee Mun Heng? Being a plastic surgeon in Singapore is not an easy task because the country is famous for high-quality surgeries and expert surgeons. It means that every surgeon who wants to be the best in…
nose tip surgery

What’s common between selfies and nose jobs?

These two things don't have anything in common or at least we think. In a recent conversation with a famous plastic surgeon, Dr Samuel Ho mentioned that most people visiting his clinic for consultation before nose surgery use selfies to…
main risks of a tummy tuck singapore

Main risks of a tummy tuck

Tummy tuck surgery is a popular not only in Asia but in the whole world. Obesity is the main problem for many people and specialists look for solutions everywhere. Of course, tummy tuck surgery in Singapore can't save people from…
max results bigger eyes with crease double eyelids

Double eyelids beauty

Beauty standards are so different across the world that having only one word for beauty today is almost insane. One of the most interesting beauty standards are situated in Asia. For example, in Thailand, little village has the custom women…
ultraformer treatment results

Ultraformer – what you don’t know

As every new treatment, this one has some popular myths distributed to patients. Modern medicine requires a big quantity of realism but some improper practices distribute lies and delusions. Singapore is a country proud of its medical care and the…
knee structure

Knee replacement surgery – expectations and reality

Elder people have arthritis, and they know how painful it could be. Most people who have one knee replacement surgery undergo a second surgery for the other leg soon. Of course, medicine is evolving so people have the opportunity to…