Benefits of drawing for kids

drawing for kids in art class

We all have heard the cliché that arts, singing, and drawing are essential for children’s development but have you ever asked why? Every child draws or tries to do it, but we haven’t seen Picasso’s paintings made by 3 years old, right? A lot of universities have made different studies why arts are important for kids and small children. The University of Sydney has published a document where they proved that studying arts affects motivation, participation in activities, behavior, and discipline.

Let’s start from the beginning. Have you seen drawing lessons for kids? They include drawing some figures, lines, and circles. Then drawings evolve and kids start to draw cartoon characters, animals and even faces. Like writing, drawing for kids is supported by graph paper in order to estimate easier distances. Drawing for kids is fun for kids is not just scratching on a paper, it is a way more than this. In Muzart Learning Centre art classes in Singapore, children learn how to draw their favorite cartoons and to express feelings on a paper.

Almost everyone knows that arts develop creativity in a way that math cannot do it, for example. Drawing for kids can mean more, though. Imagine that you see some shape and want to draw it – this will stimulate imitation, discipline not to give up until you succeed and at the end, satisfaction. With one simple drawing, children manage to stimulate 3 characteristics that will be extremely useful for their future development.

Art classes develop motor skills.

Art classes in Singapore can develop motor skills of every single child. Imagine that you have to draw 100 dots. At the end, of this exercise, you will know how to hold the pencil properly. Drawing lines and mixing colors has the same effect. Holding brush and pencil have a bigger impact on writing skills in future, too. The secret hides in control. Controlling movement of tools is essential for little children. If you want to cut a piece of paper with scissors and you can not control your hands and movements the task will be impossible. Another great benefit that your child will acquire in the art class is good posture while drawing or writing. It sounds not so important but actually, it is. Back pain and bad posture can decrease the productivity and motivation.

What is drawing for kids?

Art classes encourage children to choose what to draw. Like most activities for kids, this one sounds stupid, too but in fact, it is really important. Imagine that you have thousands of choices in front of you, having the courage to choose one thing is remarkable. Drawing is open-ended process – this means that there is no only one solution, like math, for example. Children become to understand that their drawings can be completely different and still be excellent. This is exactly the opposite of modern evaluating system where you should have the same answers like everyone else, in order to have an excellent mark. Drawing for kids is process-oriented activity, too. Children know that they have to pay attention to the drawing if they want to celebrate the results. Flexibility and problem-solving are just additional benefits that kids can gain from the art class.


Let’s talk about expressing feelings.

As you may know, today one of biggest psychological problems is expressing feelings. Children have the opportunity to do that with art activities. Learning new things or experiencing new emotions all can be stored and filtered to the paper. This is actually how great works have appeared in this world. Art classes include an explanation of famous artist’s works. Exploring art gives children the opportunity to explore their feelings and emotions better. Expressing feelings with colors is a fun activity and beautiful at the same time. If you think that your kid can not create a beautiful painting, you should see what 5 years old kids can make with colors, if you give them the freedom to express themselves. Hand painting and collage making are just a few of fun activities included in art classes.

Art classes have another great advantage – teamwork. Children who love to communicate are easy to work in a team, but there are a lot of children who prefer to draw alone. Art classes encourage all children to find some benefits in working together. One shared activity helps children to become more open-minded.

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