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v shape facelift

Speaking with the best doctor in Singapore

Who is Dr Lee Mun Heng? Being a plastic surgeon in Singapore is not an easy task because the country is famous for high-quality surgeries and expert surgeons. It means that every surgeon who wants to be the best in his medical area have to improve all his knowledge regularly. This includes visiting different workshops, […]

nose tip surgery

What’s common between selfies and nose jobs?

These two things don’t have anything in common or at least we think. In a recent conversation with a famous plastic surgeon, Dr Samuel Ho mentioned that most people visiting his clinic for consultation before nose surgery use selfies to show how bad their nose looks. It is not like, the surgeon won’t see it […]

main risks of a tummy tuck singapore

Main risks of a tummy tuck

Tummy tuck surgery is a popular not only in Asia but in the whole world. Obesity is the main problem for many people and specialists look for solutions everywhere. Of course, tummy tuck surgery in Singapore can’t save people from obesity but it can hide the consequences of drastic weight loss. Unfortunately, the surgery has […]

max results bigger eyes with crease double eyelids

Double eyelids beauty

Beauty standards are so different across the world that having only one word for beauty today is almost insane. One of the most interesting beauty standards are situated in Asia. For example, in Thailand, little village has the custom women to wear brass neck coils. The wear them every day their whole life even when […]

ultraformer treatment results

Ultraformer – what you don’t know

As every new treatment, this one has some popular myths distributed to patients. Modern medicine requires a big quantity of realism but some improper practices distribute lies and delusions. Singapore is a country proud of its medical care and the quality of plastic surgeries. In Singapore, many surgeons provide invasive and non-invasive treatments. Of course, […]

pillow and mattress physiotherapy

Shoes, pillows and mattresses – what do they have in common?

Have you experienced a back pain or some muscle discomfort? Have you felt not in a good shape and even light moves give you a hard time? The human skeletal system is a complex structure that contains bones, cartilages, ligaments, muscles, etc. Some daily movements, bad posture and stretching can cause incidents and traumas. Everyone […]

non-surgical facelifts types

What are the best non-surgical facelift procedures?

There are many non-surgical facelift procedures – some of them are good, some of them are amazing. Plastic surgeons in Singapore have chosen the best non-surgical facelift procedures from the full list of treatments. Thanks to modern medicine and science we are happy to live in times when facial treatments are surprisingly good. Most people […]

ptosis surgery

What are the best practices for ptosis surgery?

Plastic surgeries in Singapore have been popular for ages. The surgeons who specialized all over the world come back and apply their experience in this gorgeous country. Singapore is famous for medical tourism, too. Surgeons in Singapore have a lot of experience in a wide range of surgical and non-surgical procedures, including ptosis. However, the […]

fat freezing flat stomach

Are you suitable for Fat freezing?

Fat freezing is an amazing method that helps people get rid of their stubborn fat deposits. A surgeon uses a machine to target fat cells and freeze them. The process is painless and the patient can rest during the procedure. Frozen cells are easily discarded by the body and the miracle happens. The liver takes […]

middle age woman with grey hair

How to stop grey hair?

You may notice that some people going grey too soon. Although scientists claim that is completely normal, people highly doubt that it can’t be avoided. We will look deeper into this topic and will reveal what makes hair grey and how to stop it. Some women don’t mind having long grey hair but for the […]