Chiropractors – alternative medicine or a fraud?


A chiropractor is a medical person who is believed to understand and treat musculoskeletal injuries.

Today medical science is working with facts only. Unfortunately, every fact to be well-received should come from an authentic source. What will happen if someone is accused of fraud? His medical experience will be questioned. If he is practicing alternative medicine, it will be questionable, too. Chiropractor Singapore is a medical person who most people believe is a fraud. But is it true? Why chiropractors even exist as specialists if they don’t help even a single person?

To be a chiropractor, according to a you should have several certificates and licenses. Muscles and skeleton in our body are connected with nerves and this is not a secret. Most people who have back pains, neck discomfort or a headache, regularly receive pills and painkillers. Today, we don’t hesitate to fight every pain with a pill. Chiropractors have their own method doing this. Actually, most people don’t think this is real medicine — because pills are the last choice of a chiropractor. He treats skeletal and muscles with pointed pressure and adjustments. It looks like he is breaking patient’s bones but actually, he adjusts his muscles and nerves in the proper direction.

Most people who visit a chiropractor in Singapore have stiffness, too.

Back pain is not a rare complaint and people don’t pay enough attention to it. Eventually, back pain, which is not treated properly, evolves in stiffness of the whole body. Most patients visit a doctor when they can not move their whole body. This is not right but people are well-informed of the causes of their back pain, and they don’t consider it necessary to pay it additional attention. The result is stiffness and appointment to visit a doctor. Chiropractors are treating very successfully lower back pain. They use spinal manipulation to free the tension and to reduce patient’s pain. Very often different headaches are caused because of wrong posture or spinal distortion. Chiropractor Singapore can help with this condition, too. Actually, they are capable of coping with every pain which is musculoskeletal. Have in mind that if a chiropractor claims that he knows how to treat non-musculoskeletal pain, you shouldn’t trust him. Every medical person should have certificates for his education. Unfortunately, because of several chiropractors who are claiming to heal what they can’t heal, the whole chiropractic is questioned. When there was one black sheep, some people could be left with the idea that all sheep are black.

Is it safe to visit a chiropractor?

Totally! If your chiropractor has all needed permits, then you should trust him completely. Furthermore, but if your body is not in peace while he is pushing and pulling your musculature, the effect will not be optimal. Have in mind that it looks really scary if you see it on YouTube, but you should know that they know what they are doing. It is a myth that chiropractors and their treatment can cause a heart attack. Medical conditions usually do not result from one act, they are results from different components. Some people claim to have adverse reactions after visiting chiropractors but this is not proven. Chiropractors are practicing medicine and as medicine, there are risks involved. There are risks in every treatment and surgery so there is nothing surprising. Unfortunately, because fewer pills are involved in this practice most people don’t trust it completely. Speculations are part of developing every new treatment but until there are more trustworthy chiropractors, we suppose the things will remain the same.

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