Why I have chosen international school for my son

children back to school

Living a life of expat comes with certain decisions. My whole family moved to Singapore because of my job, so I have to make them feel as much comfortable as it is possible. My husband was OK but the situation with my son was not. I supposed to be 8 years old and to drag you away from your friends and daily activities at school is a little bit stressful. However, we moved in the middle of the school year, so I have to think fast and to find a good school. Unfortunately, school admission during the year is limited, so I have to choose from international schools in Singapore. My husband calmed me down that at the end of the year we will move him in another. I want to mention that first, we aimed for art classes lessons because he loves to draw. However, the story ends differently, and I am glad that it is.

Let’s talk about international schools in Singapore.

First, my husband and I visited the school, and I was slightly disturbed how fancy it was. There were many different art rooms, playgrounds, and even a children library. We, as parents, valued the meaning of all these different facilities. My first thought was “Our son will feel good here”. However, we follow the procedure and fulfill the application. Some international schools in Singapore have a very high fee for applications so you should have it in mind. We ordered a uniform and all things that my son would need in class.

In Singapore, there are many international schools because people need them. People all over the world move their whole families to work here and children need a safe and calm place to adapt and proceed their education. Acquiring knowledge is not something that can be ignored so educational system benefits from the idea. In International schools, children usually meet other children whose parents are expats. This gives the calm environment and opportunity for easier adaptation. Welcoming environment is created by the diversity of different nationalities. Imagine that you don’t celebrate only Christmas but Hanukah, and 5 more holidays. My children get to know foreign cultures better than my husband and me. I was surprised how many friendships he made for several months. Expats usually have the same problems and acclimatizing is essential. Some international schools in Singapore offer help not only to children but to their families. It is like a small friendly environment where you meet people who are coming back from where you are heading.

In international schools in Singapore, the official language is the English language.

Using a foreign language in school can be frustrating for children. The most common practice, teachers, and students use the English language only. If your child has some troubles with it, there are additional courses and classes. In Singapore, the English language is one of the official languages so your child can’t go on without mastering it. Settling in is hard enough if we don’t add the new language.

Most international schools in Singapore, like GEMS, provide IB Programme. It is an international programme and the results of students who have IB Diploma are higher than the average.

All these things make us, as parents, to choose an international school for our son for his whole education. At first, we thought it was too expensive, but in fact, we can afford to guarantee better future for him. International schools in Singapore are a great opportunity and people who have doubts should visit one of them and will make the decision easier.


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