Coolsculpting in Singapore a Fat Freeze Cryolipolysis overview


Coolsculpting is a modern substitute for liposuction. Harvard doctors have created the non-invasive procedure and FDA approved it. Today, surgeons are able to provide the treatment for thighs and belly so people can afford easily to reduce their waistline. If you don’t know what exactly coolsculpting is, we will look deeper into the procedure so don’t fall behind.

Although people at first don’t believe that this treatment is helpful, today it has hundreds of admirers. Great things are usually rejected at first, so we can conclude that Fat Freeze Cryolipolysis is a great thing. The idea, someone to freeze part of you is not the best one so people need little encouraging that the procedure safer than liposuction. One of the great advantages of Singapore Centre for cosmetic coolsculpting is that it is a non-invasive method so this means it won`t break the integrity of patient`s skin.

Coolsculpting as part of future.

Cryo-conservation, cryogenics, cryo-preservation are just a few of procedures that people are developing using freezing. It is not a secret, that humanity tries to use cold to preserve bodies. It was a question of time, someone, to think about a technology for freezing fat. Actually, cryogenics and Fat Freeze Cryolipolysis have nothing in common except the cold. Cryogenics uses a liquid nitrogen while coolsculpting don’t because it would be too stressful for the body. Coolsculpting machine is a second class medical device so physicians should observe or involve the process of the procedure. Of course, the device is a bit expensive but it has some return because patients need multiple procedures.

What do patients report?

Patients report that the procedure has bigger effect at the beginning. This is understandable because the difference is more obvious. Most patients during the procedure entertain themselves with a TV, movie or music. Every month patients should have three procedures in order to get maximum results. The quality and time from the beginning of the procedure to its end depends on the quality of the device and the specialist’s experience. Having in mind, that this procedure is non-invasive, it is relatively fast. Patients report a little discomfort during the treatment but it is not unbearable. The results can reach 20% reduced fat so its worth it. An unpleasant effect can be swelling and bruising but with a simple waist binder, the problem is solved.

The advantages of coolsculpting.

The main thing is that the treatment is a successful one and it is non-invasive. People don’t believe that non-invasive procedures work, but this one does work. Patients avoid general anaesthesia because it can provoke complications. Fat Freeze Cryolipolysis doesn’t need anaesthesia so patients can have their normal agenda without interrupting it. Draining frozen cells is not stressful for patient’s body and mind and it is done little by little. Average price for coolsculpting is around $2000 but it depends on the specific area. For now, specialists can use this treatment for reducing fat deposits in tights and waist. We hope that in the future, more new areas will be approved by FDA because this will be an easy and cheap way to gain the perfect weight.

Have in mind that it is not permanent.

Yes, thanks to coolsculpting you will get rid of a part of your fat but if you don’t exercise regularly it will come back soon. Fat Freeze Cryolipolysis doesn’t prevent your ability to form fat cells so you should take care of your diet and healthy exercising. The best advice is to take a time to feel happy with coolsculpting results but don’t expect they will be with you forever without efforts.


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