Doctors recommend what to do with kids injuries

injured kid

Children are naughty and can’t be stopped easily from running and falling. It is inevitable your kid to hit his head, knees or elbows but you have to stay calm and take some precautions. First, don’t panic and determine if the injury is a big one or a minor. If it is a minor kid injury then you can help, if it is not better to call the emergency ambulance – the number is 995. Non-emergency ambulance number is 1777. Both are important so you should save them to your phone.

What should you do if your kid hit his head?

Head bumps are dangerous if they are strong. If your kid is in conscious, then probably you shouldn’t worry too much. If there is a blood on his head call an emergency ambulance but if there is not apply some ice to prevent swelling. In chance, you don’t have ice bag near you, use something cold, like a soda can, frozen vegetables, etc. Complications include increasing the size of pupils or vomiting. Kids can hurt their head just minor without having permanent consequences but it is a good advice to watch him next few hours and don’t let him go outside and play. Resting is necessary and every orthopaedic for kids in will tell you that.



What should you do if the kid cuts himself?

Depends on the size of the cut – if the area is too big to call an emergency while putting a pressure on the wound. If it is a minor cut, find a clean cloth and put a pressure for 5, 6 minutes. The bleeding should stop and then you can apply a bandage. Warm water and soap are enough to clean the wound without letting it infect. If there is an object in it, like a piece of glass, remove it with tweezers. Don’t forget that tweezers might be dirty so you should sterilize them first with fire or alcohol. Every kid injury doctor will do the same thing on this occasion but with different tools.

If you still have doubts when to see orthopaedic check for more info.

How to cope with nose bleeding?

Nose bleeding can have different reasons but if you don’t notice something disturbing as a pale skin colour or vomiting then you shouldn’t worry. The child should sit and put his head slightly forward while bleeding stop. If it doesn’t stop then you should look for a medical help. It won’t be a good idea, your child to lie down so don’t force him.


We all know that we shouldn’t play with fire but sometimes we do play. If your kid experimented and burn himself, don’t panic and run cold water over the area. Don’t use ice because it will make things worse. Apply some cold compress and then a sterile bandage. The next thing you can do is give to your child some painkillers for the pain but don’t give him too many. Next few days you may apply some cream with panthenol that is known for helping burn areas.

Kid injury doctor is a doctor who knows how to handle similar situations. If you need additional recommendations book an appointment for a consultation with orthopaedic for kids. He will be able to answer your questions, too.

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