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Beauty standards are so different across the world that having only one word for beauty today is almost insane. One of the most interesting beauty standards are situated in Asia. For example, in Thailand, little village has the custom women to wear brass neck coils. The wear them every day their whole life even when they sleep. Women who wear neck coils are considered as more beautiful. What a surprise, right? In Japan, there is a curious trend – young people wear fake teeth to look like vampires. Last years all women who decades ago feel ashamed by their crooked snaggle teeth, today show them proudly. As you may see beauty standards are changing with years, and we can’t be certain what is going to be considered as beautiful after 10 years. Double eyelids in Singapore are something that all women desire to have. They follow western trends and desire to have bigger eyes and to be sexier.

Do you think women with bigger eyes are sexier?

Many studies suggest that men adore women, which have bigger eyes and this is an instinct. If we exclude modern trends from USA and Europe, wider eyes are accepted as more attractive because of plenty things. Larger eyes are a sign of higher estrogen level – estrogen is responsible for conceiving. If you have more estrogen, it will be easier to have children. Other signs of a higher level of estrogen are bigger breasts, fuller lips and smaller chins. If you have all 4 signs probably you are like a magnet for the opposite gender.

Men like bigger eyes because they are a sign for neotenous protection, too. In other words, people who have them, are more protective and have strong nurturing impulses. The conclusion – although we think that some of our preferences are chosen, they are actually built in us. The desire for double eyelids links to the desire for bigger eyes. The desire for bigger eyes links to the desire for nurturing.

How can I have double eyelids if I already have monolids?

Most people from Asian race have monolids, and they struggle with different methods for getting a crease. The cosmetic industry has created double eyelid tape and glue. Both are tools for sticking your eyelids. It is exactly what it sounds. When you are applying your makeup, you can tape your eyelids, too. As you may guess, it will stay on your eyelids until you remove your makeup. Unfortunately, this method is temporary and you can’t wet your eyelids because the tape will fell together with your fake folds. For more non-surgical methods of obtaining double eyelids check out, they have an entire section of articles dedicated to that along with other useful information about eyelids, ptosis, etc.

Another method is double eyelid surgery provided in most clinics as plastic surgery. It is not painful and the patient is under local anaesthesia because he has to stay with open eyes. This way surgeon will be able to determine the height of the eyelids. Of course, it is a bit strange for the patient because he is actually watching. After double eyelid surgery in Singapore, patients experience some post effects like swelling but it lasts a week or two only. Double eyelid surgery is not a complex surgery and its length is not several hours. Most experienced surgeons are able to do it for an hour. The great benefit of the surgical method is that it is permanent and patients can throw away all tapes and glue. The tricky moment is to find the right height for your eyelids and to look gorgeous and natural. Every experienced surgeon in Singapore will be able to do that easily.


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