Why should you drink alkaline water?


Although alkaline water has fans and opponents, it is a well-known remedy against few health conditions. In general, this type of water will increase your vitality and immune system. Several studies reveal that drinking alkaline mineral water can not only benefit your health but our energy and mood. We have gathered several reasons why you should drink alkaline water daily.

There are companies, like Triple Lifestyle Marketing Pte Ltd. that distribute alkaline water filters in Singapore so if you are considering getting one, keep reading. Our list of advantages is not the longest but you will find everything you have to know about this type of water.

Is alkaline water antioxidant?

Yes, alkaline mineral water is one powerful natural antioxidant. Usually, we are predisposed to free radicals, which hurt our immune response. Of course, the world is a dangerous place and there are thousands of viruses and diseases that are waiting for our immune system to be weakened. Free radicals are not something we can avoid. They are everywhere – from polluted air to the household products. Thankfully, nature has created antioxidants to help us fight against free radicals. Here comes the alkaline water – it is a great source of antioxidants. There are on the market many other oxidants but alkaline mineral water has a great advantage. Its liquid form makes it easier for absorbing and faster assimilation. So, simple drinking water can help us fight against the unhealthy environment.

How alkaline water effects on my pH balance?

pH balance is important for our bodies. We have acid-alkaline balance and our bodies try to save it as a balance. Unfortunately, sometimes we are having more acid and this balance is disturbed. This leads to stress and health problems without we even realize what the reason is. Most of us eat daily meat, sugar, coffee and other acid foods. This is a disaster because your body is trying to accomplish the balance and food destroy it. Smoking and sugar are part of the wrong diet so next time, you are ill trying to skip cookies and chocolate for some time. Alkaline water catches up with the alkaline levels and helps the body fight with acid. Drinking alkaline mineral water will help you when you are sick, too. It is not going to reduce your temperature or something, but it will help your immune system to fight.

Alkaline water is molecular water so it is easier to absorb than the regular water. The result is that we will stay more hydrated if we drink alkaline water. This is a great benefit for people who are spending hours in the gym. In addition, alkaline water has ionized minerals. They are great for our blood because they help the oxygen to enter easily into our vessels. As you may know, more oxygen, more healthy and strong we are.

Could I detox my body with alkaline water?

Yes, alkaline water can detox your body. There are many materials for food and drinks, that can help you with this mission and alkaline water is one of them. Scientists explain this with the ability of the water to remove toxins from the body. Water has the ability to do this no matter if it is alkaline or not. Just alkaline does it better and faster. So if you want to detox your body, drink alkaline water. Many people even buy alkaline water filter in Singapore and drink alkaline water from it. In long term, this type of water will improve health condition and immune system so drinking it daily is recommended.



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