Hair loss reasons and cure

man with thinning hair

Every princess has a long hair or at least thick ponytail. Little girls grow up with the idea that hair is one of the most important things in woman’s appearance. Hair loss affects not only men but women, too. We have decided to gather some reasons which can make your hair fall down. This way, it will be easy to find out what kind of treatment is most suitable for your situation. Hair loss is like every other sickness and symptoms are caused by reasons, not the opposite. However, let’s dig deeper and check several reasons why you might lose your gorgeous hair and how to stop hair loss fast.

Stress is powerful hair loss reason.

Stress is one of the most powerful tools that daily life can use against us. Imagine, that your mind has experienced too much anxiety that it starts to give you signals that you should change something around you. The easiest way to do this is through your body – nails, and hair. If you have experienced recently some accident or trauma, there is a big chance your stress levels to be too high. Nair and nails have 3 cycles which allow them to grow, get old enough and fall. If a patient has some really stressful activity then hair can freeze in the last phase – shedding. This condition doesn’t need any special requirements except decreasing level of stress as soon as possible. When the patient does that, hair starts to grow in next 3, 4 months.

Your pregnancy might affect hair loss.

Pregnancy means many new things for your body. It means a lot of stress, too. Hormones levels are unstable and mothers experience hair loss during the pregnancy and after it. In addition, the process of giving birth itself can cause a lot of stress because women are scared of it. Of course, this is completely normal and hair restores its thickness after several months. In this case, most women don`t have to worry and look for additional methods. If you follow Singapore Beauty Blog Understanding Hair Loss article it’s explaining how your hair could restore its strength in no time.


If you think that there is no such thing as too many vitamins we will break the myth. Vitamin A can cause hair loss if it is in too big quantity. For example, there is vitamin A in meat, eggs, and butter. You can find it in carrots, spinach, and cabbage, too. However, in the food it is at normal levels, some supplements can raise its levels in the human body, though.

Lack of protein and losing hair.

Protein is important. Not only because it makes you stronger but because it feeds your hair. If you reduce protein in your diet, your body might decide that there is no need to spend protein for your hair and to redirect it to functions that are more important. That’s how your hair becomes thinner.

Male pattern hair loss

Baldness can affect both men and women but there is one thing called male pattern baldness and we will look deeper into it. The combo of genes and some male hormones are responsible for this unpleasant characteristic of males. You can’t fight with hormones in this case, so there are other options available for a male in this situation, like hair transplantation and topical creams.


Heredity or female pattern.

A female pattern of baldness is a rare event. If you have noticed that some of your family members become bald at some point then there is a big chance to be next. Women don’t lose all their hair, it is just tapering. For this condition, there are certain medicines and women can benefit from them.

In conclusion, we may summon that there are many reasons for baldness. Health and diet are equally important, as genes and hormones so none of them should be neglected.

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