House call doctor — extra training needed

housecall doctor in Singapore

The median age is increasing all over the world and average men become more and elder. It is not a surprise that country’s society and development depends on the people. Social politics and country’s destiny can be determined by the age of the people who live there. For example, Singapore has an average age of 40 years for men and women in 2016. People who are 65 years old and old are more than 13% in Singapore. We all know that aging is not only a cosmetic issue and it has consequences in every part of society’s life. Imagine that you are very old and you have trouble walking, you will not go to your doctor on foot, you will call him to come to your home. This could be related not only to you but to all your friends who are on your age. What will the result be? The simplest answer is that there will be a higher demand for house call doctors.

Housecall doctor in Singapore is a man who takes care for elder people and people who can not leave their homes due to different illnesses.

Every person deserves a regular medical care even if he is homebound. How this is different from regular care in hospitals. The main difference is mobility. If you can’t go to your doctor, he will come to you. There are different people with different health conditions and  HousecallGP doctor in Singapore should provide qualified care for every single one of them. A knowledge that every housecall should have is very wide — from diabetes and heart failure to flu and infections. When a patient condition is a complex and breathing machine is used then house call doctor have to cope with this too. Medical education in the past was a little different. Most doctors didn’t specialize in one direction very often they specialized in all directions. Housecall visits in Singapore and everywhere around the world, were a regular practice and every doctor had to cope with childbirth, infections, or a migraine.


As we said, house call doctors used to have a wider medical education.

Have in mind, that during this time medicine was not as wide as it is now. So the amount of knowledge was probably the same but encompassed different directions. Today, except basic procedures house call doctor can provide some tests which samples will be sent in the closest laboratory. Later, the results are discussed with patients and their families. Housecall physicians develop different methods coping with the emergencies and diagnosis. Home visits are one of these practices which will come back because they are needed. Training good home call doctors are essential. There are several months extra training in medical care for those who have decided to choose home visits as their way of providing medicine. During this training, specialists master taking care for older people and people who are not capable of moving. Although this is the focus, there are a lot of patients who have different reasons for not visiting doctors office.

Some kids, for example, feel safer in comfort of their own home.

Unfortunately, this could not be provided in the hospital environment no matter how child-friendly the hospital is. Another great reason is that during the home visit, the doctor could get acquainted with the home environment and family members. There is one old belief that if the family is taking care of the patient then the illness will vanish as soon as possible. Housecall visits are just one more comfortable way meeting with your doctor without hospital experience.

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