How to stop grey hair?

middle age woman with grey hair

You may notice that some people going grey too soon. Although scientists claim that is completely normal, people highly doubt that it can’t be avoided. We will look deeper into this topic and will reveal what makes hair grey and how to stop it. Some women don’t mind having long grey hair but for the rest, this is a struggle. If you are one of the rest and look for a decision then keep reading and you may find your answer.

How does my hair turn grey?

The secret is hiding in the hair structure. Probably, you know that hair has its own follicle, which stays in the scalp. Different cells live in the hair follicle because they nurture easily from there. Part of these cells is pigmentation cells. They have a pretty simple function – they are responsible for hair colour. If you see someone with saturated hair colour, he has healthy pigmentation cells. However, pigmentation cells produce something called Melanin. It is the main ingredient of the colour.

Ageing is a long process that changes many things in our body. For example, cells start to die and can’t produce Melanin anymore. It is not like they don’t produce it at all, but the quantity is reduced drastically. So magical words here are Melanin and pigmentation cells and of course, ageing. Often together with hair discolouration comes hair loss, too. Follicles are responsible for hair loss, not pigmentation cells.



When will I have grey hair only?

Depends on your genes. Usually, if parents have grey hair in their 40s, then children should expect the same. However, if you have noticed 2, 3 white hairs and you are 30 years old, don’t panic. This process starts in the 30s but it proceeds until 50s. Take your time and skip the drama from 3, 4 white hairs.

How important is the diet?

OK, so imagine that we are what eat. Now, stop imaging and start to believe in it because it is true. Hair follicles need a lot of protein to develop properly. In other words, if you don’t eat enough protein, like meat or eggs, then you have to receive it with some pills or supplements. Vitamin D, B6, and B12 are important for hair, too. Without them, hair loses vitality and look dry and damaged. Zinc and Iron are next things you should receive with your food or with supplements. However, if you think that is too many things to remember just get some combined vitamins, and they will do the work.

What is a Grey Hair Defy?

This is a new treatment based on stem cell therapy which can stop grey hair. Hair has anagen phase and telogen phase. The second one is the bad one, where hair falls down. Cytokine formulation in Grey Hair Defy prolongs anagen phase. This treatment encourages Melanin production and the result is minimal hair loss and restored colour. If you have forgotten, what was your natural hair colour then you should check Grey Hair Defy treatment in Singapore.

Singapore has a tradition in hair cosmetic and that’s why there are so many good hair centres. Hair specialists and dermatologist finish their education in Singapore but visit foreign countries for more experience so choosing to have a procedure here, you will be able to use experience from more than one country.

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