Knee replacement surgery – expectations and reality

knee structure

Elder people have arthritis, and they know how painful it could be. Most people who have one knee replacement surgery undergo a second surgery for the other leg soon. Of course, medicine is evolving so people have the opportunity to choose between modern and tradition surgeries but there are still some risks for the patients. Knee replacement surgery can be needed not only when a patient has arthritis but due to some traumas or ageing. There two types of knee replacement surgery – partial and total.

How does your knee function?

Four bones form the knee – the Femur, the Tibia, the Patella, and the Fibula. All four of them are called together knee joint. That’s why if you meet this word you should know it is not just one joint, but four bones. The thighbone and the tibia are touching each other. There is meniscus between them and ligaments. If one of the parts is not functioning then the patient feels pain. The structure of the knee is so complex that muscles prevent each other from sliding backwards and forward. The ligaments limit the moving on both sides. The lateral and medial menisci are cushions that prevent the two big bones from friction. Arthritis causes friction and the pain comes.

Total knee surgery is often mistaken with partial one

Specialists divide the knee structure into three compartments. If one of them is damaged then partial knee structure is required. Total knee structure is unnecessary but most surgeons recommend it. Why they do that when patients don’t need the total surgery? Their main concern is that patient’s knee will worsen with time and that’s why they try to make everything with one surgery only. However, the partial knee surgery in Singapore has results that are more natural. In addition, it can be less expensive and patients recover faster. Some specialists even claim that the knee after partial knee replacement surgery is more athletic. Actually, this is not possible but the patient feels it that way because he used to feel pain and discomfort.

What type of knee replacement surgery should I choose?

There is one more type of knee replacement surgery other than partial and total knee replacement. It is called makoplasty knee replacement surgery and it includes the use of a robotic arm. OK, so let’s explain first the standard surgery and then we will go back to the robotic one. The standard knee replacement surgery in Singapore uses X-ray images and surgeon’s experience to achieve the best results. The surgeon inserts metal under the kneecap between the two big bones to prevent friction. Over the metal, the medical team put a plastic to allow smooth movement and cement the whole structure. This procedure might take a few hours. Makoplasty knee surgery in Singapore includes CT scanning. Thanks to the technology, the surgeon can make a preoperative plan and virtual model. When the time comes, the surgeon uses a robotic arm and resurface the bones. As you may notice, makoplasty surgery includes more technology and that’s why it is way more expensive.

Which method is better for the patient? Which method is better for the surgeon?

If we are in patient’s shoes we won’t feel any significant difference between both methods. Both surgeries have the same results and recovery time in general. The difference comes when we pay attention to the precision. A human precision can’t compare with robotic precision because people’s moving is not a mechanical one. We are talking about millimetres that are important in partial knee replacement surgery. When one surgeon undergoes a surgery, he focuses and takes decisions. In addition, he has to have a steady hand and sharp look. The surgeon should have a lot of experience and a good assessment of the situation. If you think that is too much for one man to handle, imagine how good one surgeon has to be. Reconstruction of the knee is not the most complex surgery and it still requires a higher level of proficiency.

Some patients report faster recovery after Makoplasty and less pain. For example, some of them don’t need the crutches and directly manage to walk with a cane. While after the regular knee replacement surgery in Singapore, most patients use walkers, then crutches, then a cane. When it comes to painkillers here most people react differently. Probably, it is because most people have a different threshold of pain.

The other difference is the knee replacement surgery price because the robotic one is much more expensive. It is logical because the robotic machine and equipment are big investment even for hospitals.

How should I choose a clinic and surgeon?

You should bet on the one who has already performed many surgeries like yours. There is no matter if he has done makoplasty or traditional knee replacement surgery if the surgeon is experienced one then the results will be satisfactory. Even if you have to go to a different country, do it. It is better option to spend money on one surgery than spending money for two or more to fix mistakes from one with poor quality.


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