Main risks of a tummy tuck

main risks of a tummy tuck singapore

Tummy tuck surgery is a popular not only in Asia but in the whole world. Obesity is the main problem for many people and specialists look for solutions everywhere. Of course, tummy tuck surgery in Singapore can’t save people from obesity but it can hide the consequences of drastic weight loss. Unfortunately, the surgery has some risks and short-term side effects like all surgeries. We consider that happy patients are those patients who are well-informed about main risks and have right expectations. That’s why it is highly important to have a pro surgeon, like Dr Samuel Ho, who will be able to give you the right idea what you might expect as results. In addition, if you are informed about the risks you might have in mind what might happen and lower the possibilities with the right measures taken.

What are the main risks of a tummy tuck?

Anaesthesia can affect results

Local anaesthesia is safer than general. Unfortunately, tummy tuck surgery usually is provided under general one. Scientists still have misunderstandings about how general anaesthesia works so the risk increases. Pro anesthesiologist will know how to determine the quantity of the anaesthesia and its effect on the patient. Trust your anesthesiologist and tell them all your health conditions to prepare him with all possible knowledge.

Protective mechanisms of the body

Our bodies have some specific protective mechanisms to save as much quantity blood as possible when there is an open wound. They assume that the incision that is made during the surgery is open wound so blood clots appear. The bad outcome is the body to form too many blood clots and one of them to reach the heart or the brain. Surgeons know that and special medications are given to patients to dilute the blood and prevent it from forming blood clots. Women who take birth control pills have to stop them for a while before and after the surgery.



Risk of infection

Ok, now this is really dangerous but the risks are minimal with modern medicine measures. However, some studies show that patients who had the surgery in cold room develop an infection while patients who had the surgery in a warmer room don’t. Modern medicine has made a tradition in receiving antibiotics after every surgery to reduce the risk of infections. Another thing that can cause infection is the bandage so it should be clear. Have in mind that most patients who had an infection failed to take care for their wound so take all precautions.

How to find out if we have an infection?

First, check your temperature. Infections almost always come with higher temperature so you will easily find out. Chills and sweating are second sign of infection. If you notice a pus around the wound then you should call your doctor as soon as possible. If you have too much drainage fluid then you probably have an infection, too. Infection risks shouldn’t be underestimated so take a good care for your incisions after the tummy tuck surgery.

How fast will I recover?

Although it is not a typical risk there is a chance of slow recovery after the tummy tuck surgery. Estimated time is 4 to 6 weeks and if the patient experience pain after 6 weeks in an abdominal area then he is recovering really slowly. Abdominals are part of the body that participate in almost every motion so their healing is not the fastest one. You may know that parts heal faster when they are in “calm mode”. Smoking and infections are two things that can slow down the healing so you should have them in mind.

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