Review of my nose job (rhinoplasty) in Singapore


Rhinoplasty Or How to be more beautiful in a month?

I wanted a rhinoplasty since I was 16 years old. My experience and society around me don’t accept this kind of vanity, and I was in front of dilemma years ago. When you grow older, you start to realize there are not many things you should worry about. I have always been afraid what people will think about me, if they find out that, I have had a nose job. In fact, today, after my rhinoplasty, I am proud to say that I really don’t care what will people think. There are hundreds of reasons why you should not consider people’s estimation of more than their own opinion. This world is full of people who have a different experience and different opinions and you will never manage to make happy all of them.

My nose was wrong. This is exactly the word I would like to use because my nose was just wrong. My dorsal hump needed reduction and my nasal septum has deviated which prevents me from breathing easily. Yes, it sounds gross but it was what it was. In my teenage years, other kids make fun of my face contour and eventually, it becomes a more serious problem in my mind that actually it was. I didn’t like my nose so bad, that I have never allowed people to take photos of me at the wrong angle.

Why have I decided to have a rhinoplasty in Singapore?

First, I will answer what made me have it and then why I chose Singapore. Although my whole mind was traumatized by my ugly nose I haven’t manage to find enough confidence to go to a consultation for a rhinoplasty. Actually, I have booked one 4 years ago but I didn’t go. Silly, me! However, several months ago the situation with my nasal septum became worse and I couldn’t breathe normally through my nose. I had to do something, so I booked a consultation with a foreign doctor who told me that this surgery will cost a lot. I was kind of mad. At first place, I didn’t want to have a surgery at all and now I had to pay for it a lot. So I made a brief research where I could have a nose job for a lower price. Of course, I wanted surgery to be executed by an experienced surgeon because this is my face. I am sure, you will not tolerate mistakes on your face, right? However, I have found out that Singapore has amazing traditions in nose jobs, can educate you a lot. Not just one clinic, the whole country is popular for the quality of aesthetic surgery.

Is it a good idea to travel to have a rhinoplasty?

If you are thinking that travelling is not the best thing you can do before and after a surgery, you are wrong. Rhinoplasty is an invasive surgery so you will need time to recover. You will spend it in the hospital so it doesn’t matter where this hospital is situated. Try to find the best clinic where they will take good care of you. My advice is to evaluate not only the surgeon but the clinic also because the surgeon is important but personnel will be responsible for you while you are recovering. I am glad that I have chosen the elite nose surgeon Dr Samuel Ho and his team because they speed up my recovery. I have time to make some sightseeing in Singapore, which was amazing but I will tell you in another post about that.


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