Shoes, pillows and mattresses – what do they have in common?

pillow and mattress physiotherapy

Have you experienced a back pain or some muscle discomfort? Have you felt not in a good shape and even light moves give you a hard time? The human skeletal system is a complex structure that contains bones, cartilages, ligaments, muscles, etc. Some daily movements, bad posture and stretching can cause incidents and traumas. Everyone knows that after a serious trauma, people need rehabilitation and physiotherapy care. Joints, for example, are favourite things to almost all physiotherapists in Singapore, because people constantly neglect them and pain becomes chronic. Physiotherapists recommend choosing some items more carefully than others.

What type of shoes should I choose to avoid back pain?

Every day at least 10 people book a consultation in physiotherapy clinics in Singapore because they have constant back pain that prevents their normal activities. Shoes and posture are connected because the way we step defines the way human backbends. Do you know why shoes that you found convenient your closest friend can’t walk 1 meter with them? The answer is in shape of the human feet. Every person has a specific foot shape with a different depth of the arch. Some people have a completely flat foot (called pronator), others have normal and some have high arch foot, called supinator. The experienced physiotherapists over at PhysioActive tell us that the perfect shoe should act as a cushion and to soften steps. The best way to find out what type is your foot is to ask a qualified physiotherapist near you. He or she will be able to answer any question you might have and even recommend you types of shoes that you can wear more comfortably.

Physiotherapists advise choosing a pillow wisely

Backbones are a complex structure that needs rest during the night because through the day it carries a lot of weight. Almost every motion of the human body is connected to some part of the back muscles. Bad posture can cause a lot of pain in the morning in the neck and even a headache. The stress which is gathering in the back can transform into chronic pain and even migraine. The proper shape of the pillows is important because it guarantees you that you will have the best sleep. Spine, neck and head should lie at one line so the pillow should support head on certain neutral height. In physiotherapy practice, there is a big attention pointed to the neck area and back muscles exactly because back pain can be more dangerous than most people realize.

What type of mattress should I get?

Another important item that can cause you a headache is the mattress. If you are buying a new one, try to find one that is going to give you a proper alignment otherwise don’t buy it. While you are sleeping, there is some space between ribs and the hip that is formed. The perfect mattress should fill this space and the spine should feel support. This way the back is able to rest the whole night and in the morning the person feels his body relieved not stressed. Otherwise, we force our skeletal system to work 24/7 and we know that overworking is not helpful when it comes to health.


Choosing a good pillow, proper mattress and comfortable shoes is extremely important if you have back pain due to some other reasons. For example, women that are pregnant can’t wear hills because their back is struggling with the heavy baby and it is not able to cope with a curve that is caused additionally by the heels. Many pregnant women go to physiotherapy clinics during their pregnancy to have a rehabilitation.

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