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v shape facelift

Who is Dr Lee Mun Heng?

Being a plastic surgeon in Singapore is not an easy task because the country is famous for high-quality surgeries and expert surgeons. It means that every surgeon who wants to be the best in his medical area have to improve all his knowledge regularly. This includes visiting different workshops, seminars and medical lectures with specialists from all over the world. Although Singapore has some traditions in plastic surgery, numerous countries have traditions in creating new innovative treatments. Dr Lee Mun Heng is a good example of how to create a prosperous clinic – Cambridge Medical Group. He has selected a Korean treatment to be a sign of his clinic – Korean V Lift.

He is a plastic surgeon with Cambridge education and experience in famous plastic clinics, like Mayo Clinic. He noted several times that his education in Cambridge was not an ordinary medical education because the university has a different environment and strong camaraderie. The doctrine and the information learnt are just a few of the benefits. Competitive environment makes you a better specialist who is able to learn new things constantly.

What is the medicine today?

A few decades ago, medicine and technologies were not as good as they are today. We all know how people fight to survive even in well-developed countries. Medicine was all about increasing the length of life and stopping viruses and diseases from spreading, educating people on how to live healthier far away from dangers, explains Dr Lee Mun Heng. Today, the situation is completely different. Well-developed countries, like Singapore, allow people to live a calm life and don’t have to struggle for their survival. This allows the medicine to expand to unexpected horizons, look what has happened with plastic surgery. Plastic surgery all over the world thrives and specialists are able to develop a new method for skin, face and body contouring.

What is the plastic surgery today?

People are more open-minded thanks to open borders and the internet. Having a plastic surgery is something well-received and even desired from young people and not so young, too. Ageing and stress come with loosen skin, dark circles, tired look and pigmented skin so plastic surgery find decisions for all these troubles. Of course, as painless and easy is one procedure as many people want to have it. That’s why various non-invasive procedures are created to fill the gap of this demand. If you don’t know what we are talking about check the list of procedures in Cambridge Medical Group and you will see numerous treatments that will improve your skin condition without side effects and in minutes.

Plastic surgeons have to love their job

Visiting workshops and lectures is not enough to be the best plastic surgeon. Some people say that you have to possess a heart and eye for the beauty. Modern science focus on making our lives easier and easier, so modern medicine does the same. Dr Lee Mun Heng claims that in his youth he wanted to be in a medical area where he helps people to feel better and look better. We believe that he is honest because today he is one of the best plastic surgeons in Singapore, who is an expert in face contouring and tightening. As we mentioned above the competition in Singapore is not a small one so a lot of efforts are needed.


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