Types of eye bags removal and measures you should take after the surgery

eye bags removal surgery

Although everyone knows that blepharoplasty is an eye bag removal surgery, most people don’t know that there are several different types. Completely appropriate to all different conditions there are different procedures that can save your eyes or eye bags, actually. Of course, most women are too demanding about their look so eye bags are not allowed in their world. That is the reason why bloggers and vloggers have so many tutorials how to get rid of eye bags, homemade masks etc.

What are types of blepharoplasty?

  • However, eye bag removal surgeries can be traditional blepharoplasty or pinch one. This surgery combines fat and skin reducing. The surgeon will make a small incision on the lower eyelid and will remove not more than 1 or 2 mm of the skin.
  • Pinch blepharoplasty is removing the fat and pinch of the skin. Usually, the surgeon makes an inner incision and there are no scars or marks after the surgery. This surgery is not suitable for people who need some of their muscles to be removed.
  • Almost every type of surgery has its laser equivalent and eye bag removal surgery is no different. Unfortunately, laser Blepharoplasty has its own pros and cons. The disadvantage is that the healing is longer but the procedure is easier.
  • Another modern type of eye bags removal is electrocautery technique. The surgeon used this instrument to cut inside the lower eyelid and remove tissue from there.
  • Canthopexy is the last method and there is nothing innovative in it. Stitches are used to tighten the lower eyelids.

So these are options if you want to get rid of your eye bags.

However, after the eye bag surgery, you will have to take few days off and wait for your full recovery. Few things are recommendable in order to fasten the healing. Immediately after the surgery, they will apply some lubricant so blurring can appear. There is nothing wrong with it, it will disappear First-week week patient should use cold compresses and ice packs to reduce the swelling. Of course, it is not one of the most pleasant things but it is working so patients should do it. Another great technique is to rest with head in elevated position. Eye bag removal is a surgery so infection may occur, warns Allureplasticsurgery.sg. In order to clean to avoid such condition, the patient should clean his eyelids with warm water regularly. Maximum 10 days will bruising last, so you should clear your schedule. No, you can’t watch movies or work in front of your computer. During these 10 days, all activities should be eye-friendly. After every surgery, doctors forbid patients to do heavy physical activities. After eye bag removal, the veto stays. If you want to do something physical, you should wait for at least a month. Of course, every patient should avoid sunbathing at least one month after the surgery. Actually, sunbathing without glasses should be avoided every time not only after the surgery.

In addition, the following day the patient should drink only liquids because moving facial muscles is not recommendable. Drinking a lot of water is a good advice, too. Water will not help you to heal faster but it will help you stay hydrated. Fluids are essential for forming eye bags, so they are essential for their healing, too. Avoid drinking alcohol at least month after the surgery. Smoking is not allowed so smokers should try to reduce it as much as it is possible.


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