Ultraformer – what you don’t know

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As every new treatment, this one has some popular myths distributed to patients. Modern medicine requires a big quantity of realism but some improper practices distribute lies and delusions. Singapore is a country proud of its medical care and the quality of plastic surgeries. In Singapore, many surgeons provide invasive and non-invasive treatments. Of course, many surgeons mean bigger competition and higher quality. That’s why you can be sure that if you find a good surgeon in Singapore he will be really good. Most of them constantly visit world-famous seminars and workshops just to maintain the high quality and professionalism. Ultraformer is one of these new treatments that most people are not fully aware. That’s why we realized patients need more trustworthy information.

What exactly is Ultraformer in Singapore?

The treatment focuses on straightening wrinkles and improving facial lines. Actually, many doctors recommend Ultraformer in Singapore for brow lifting and reducing cellulite but its main assignment is for wrinkles. The Ultraformer treatment uses ultrasound to change the skin. Altering the cycle, that is responsible for elastin and collagen production. Part of the result is visible right after the treatment and the rest in 2, 3 months. You should be prepared for any possible complication and actively take measures in order to avoid or minimize the risks. Since this isn’t the focus of this article, I suggest you read this post how you can lower the potential problems with a facelift treatment using Ultraformer by Dr Chua.

How many Ultraformer treatments have?

At least 3 treatments are called Ultraformer because they are provided by different machines. Depending on the machine, there are UF1, UF2 and UF3. Before booking a procedure find out what type of machine the doctor uses. The difference is in the strength of the machine and depth it is able to penetrate. The UF3 is the best one and the procedures are the most expensive.

If someone offers you a Mini Ultraformer for $200 – don’t get it. There are not proven results from shorter procedures. The Ultraformer treatment should not be “mini” in order to minimize the price. Yes, the original procedure is long but there is a reason for that. The doctor should make between 500 and 1000 shots. Calm down, it is not painful at all.

How dangerous is Ultrasound for your body?

It is not dangerous or at least not in this quantity. It digs deep into your skin and forces it to start production of new natural collagen. The absence of collagen is responsible for sagging so you see how things work together. Ultrasound won’t affect your upper layer or other areas from your body so don’t panic.

Don’t choose an inexperienced doctor because the treatment looks easy

First, Ultraformer in Singapore is not easy treatment no matter how it looks. A special technique is required to know where to point the machine. Although patient stays calm and bored by repetitive shots, the doctor should have at least 100 procedures behind his back to know what exactly he is doing. This is 100% proof that the treatment will be successful. Don’t hurry up choosing a doctor in Singapore, make a good research. In addition, you can ask your friends and acquaintances if they have visited some clinics. Don’t book an appointment for a clinic where they offer only Ultraformer. Probably, they try to sell exactly this treatment and don’t have needed experience. There is a chance, your face not to be suitable for the procedure so the dermatologist will recommend you another treatment. When people try to sell just Ultraformer, then recommendation and objective opinion about your facial skin condition are not possible.

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