What are the best practices for ptosis surgery?

ptosis surgery

Plastic surgeries in Singapore have been popular for ages. The surgeons who specialized all over the world come back and apply their experience in this gorgeous country. Singapore is famous for medical tourism, too. Surgeons in Singapore have a lot of experience in a wide range of surgical and non-surgical procedures, including ptosis. However, the experience can be handed over, so we found few useful practices from ptosis surgeries in Singapore.

The surgeon should track the change

Every surgeon should measure details before and after the ptosis surgery. This is mandatory, especially if the surgeon has less than 100 surgeries done. This way he will be able to see what is the difference even after small adjustments. The technique is as important as measuring is.

Let’s start from the beginning

The surgeon has to determine if the patient is suitable for internal approach, or he should do external one. This decision should be made before the ptosis surgery in doctor’s office. If the patient is not in a good health condition or there are some other obstacles the surgeon to measure all details it is highly recommended postponing. Deciding how high lid should be is a priority.

After the ptosis surgery

The surgeon has to measure how short the lid has become. After patient heals margin–reflex distance might become shorter and the surgeon should have that in mind. For example, 2 mm will become 1 mm. In addition, no matter everyone measures the mm, sometimes there are deviations. That’s why surgeon should be highly experienced to determine how much to reduce from the levator.

Very interesting case happens when the patient has ptosis on one eyelid only. After its correction, a surgeon might find out that the patient has on the other eyelid too. Sometimes the smaller ptosis is masked by the bigger on the other eye.

How to improve side effects after ptosis surgery in Singapore?

Most experienced surgeons recommend paying extra attention to the contour. If your surgeon corrects both eyelids then the perfect shape is easily achieved but if he corrects only the one eyelid then he has to make it the same as another one. The most common risk in ptosis surgery in Singapore is having too high or too low eyelids after the surgery reports BagsUnderEyesCauses.com. The main focus should be on the idea that after healing the droopy eyelid might fall down a little so it should be tightened more during the surgery.

What should you have in mind during the surgery?

Dry eye can alter the results. Unfortunately, dry eyes can prevent full correction of eyelids that’s why it is acceptable to treat them before the ptosis surgery. Most specialists use thermal occlusion or punctal plugs. Another thing that surgeon should observe carefully is the position of the suture. There is a possibility where suture might scratch the cornea and this is not acceptable.

Finding a good surgeon is what should be your priority. Not everyone is capable of determining the height of the eyelid and the fold. Surgeons who were reading only about the surgery don’t have a practical experience and might undercorrect or overcorrect the eyelids. Of course, modern medicine allows this correction to be improved but why you should reach this point after all when you might have the surgery and as soon as you recover to forget about it.


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