What’s common between selfies and nose jobs?

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These two things don’t have anything in common or at least we think. In a recent conversation with a famous plastic surgeon, Dr Samuel Ho mentioned that most people visiting his clinic for consultation before nose surgery use selfies to show how bad their nose looks. It is not like, the surgeon won’t see it in real but on a photo, they have the opportunity to see what other people see. Dr Samuel Ho said that this is completely wrong because selfies are not a precise method of evaluating the size of the nose. We decided to dig deeper into this topic and check it is a misconception that selfies show reality.

How often do you see unrealistic selfie?

No matter if it is you on that photo or some of your friends, or enemies, some photos just look too good to be real. Today, we are able to apply hundreds of filters to our photos. Yes, we know that you love Instagram filters we love them, too. But there is a serious but. If you are able to accept that photos can alter the look positively why don’t you accept that they can alter it negatively? Nose shape and size is a great example of how phones can show you something that is not real.

What is the explanation?

Camera lenses are wide-angle lenses so this means every object that is closed to the camera is distorted. What’s the closest thing to the lenses when you are taking selfies? Of course, it is your nose. The study shows that camera increases nose size by 30% – it is too much, right? But why people don’t know that? Of course, photographers know it, and they don’t take portraits with wide-angle lenses, but the average teenager or young lady doesn’t have this knowledge so they do. The result is low self-esteem, hundreds of deleted photos and appointment with a plastic surgeon in Singapore. You might think that plastic surgeons will be ready to cut everything as long as the customer is happy but in fact, it is not like that at all. Today, plastic surgery has not only a professional side but a moral one, too. Facial reconstructive surgeons claim that they more appreciate natural beauty and aesthetic medicine should highlight it not hide it. In the world, there are 8 billion people and online are uploaded more than 25 billion selfies. Amazing, right? So, imagine all these people want to have nose surgery because they have missed realizing that their selfies are showing wrong nose size. What is going to happen then? We will tell you … nose surgery will become more popular aesthetic surgery than breast augmentation. If you still want to have it and don`t think selfies are guilty for how your nose look you can read more about the specification of the nose surgery in RhinoplastyS before booking an appointment.

What can I alter on my nose with a nose surgery?

OK, the short answer is that you can change almost every part of the nose but we are 100% sure that this is completely necessary. In the past, people who were ill from Syphilis have experienced nose decomposing and doctors struggle to find a method to reconstruct noses. Even in the past, the desire for nose surgery exists. Today, experienced plastic surgeons, like Dr Samuel Ho can improve your nose tip, bumps, size, and etc. If you don’t like your nostrils then this is possible for correction, too. Nose reconstruction is not the most complex plastic surgery but it is definitely a surgery so you shouldn’t underestimate it.

What is the biggest risk?

You probably know how anaesthetic works and how dangerous it could be so we are not going to explain it. We will mention another big risk – expectations. If you are having the wrong idea how big your nose is you will have the wrong idea how much it should be reduced. The plastic surgeon is the one person who has to tell you that things you expect are too much or not. That is why it is so important to be honest with your surgeon because dishonesty might provoke disappointment after the surgery. Usually, this is a prerequisite for second and third surgery and of course, having numerous surgeries is not the best option at all. So the biggest risk is unjustified expectations.


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