Best designs for credit cards or how colors can affect us

green credit card with colorful squares

Colors are a powerful tool when it comes to spending money and shopping. Most people don’t realize how colors affect our mood and choices but it is a fact. Marketing agencies use it to increase their sales, salesmen use it, fashion industry uses it, and banks use it, too. Think about the color of your credit card. Think about how happy you are when you get it. I didn’t pay attention to this fact before my best friend shows me her credit card and points out how colorful and cute it is. I was like “you know, this is not important, right?” and she nodded, but I was not sure. However, do you see what I mean? Credit card’s color is important for people not only in Singapore but all over the world. They feel better when spending money if they use a card with a good design. It is like all other bonuses, rebates, and discounts. In Finty, you can find lots of credit cards Singapore that are stylish and have bonuses at the same time.

If you apply for a credit card through their website, they will give you cash.

Undoubtedly the coolest thing about one credit card is its ability to save money but I wanted specifically color card when I chose mine, too. For example, my card is black matte and I consider it as one of my jewelry. Lots of credit cards have one color only background because it looks more stylish. Although some people think this is boring and prefer colorful designs. However, if the background of the credit card is one color only, then the signs, logo and the number of the card stand out. Imagine that your card is black like CITI PREMIERMILES VISA CARD in and notice how easily you can read the numbers and CITY logo. Simple is more!

Of course, another great type is colorful credit cards like AMERICAN EXPRESS CAPITACARD CREDIT CARD and OCBC ARTS CREDIT CARD. Both of them have so many colors that you can be hypnotized by their brilliance. The first one is stylish green with colorful squares and white numbers and signs. The second one has black background and pink, yellow and green lights. Amazing!

black credit card with colorful lights

If you want to distract people with colors, this credit card should be your choice.

In my opinion light credit cards are really cool, like DBS ALTITUDE VISA SIGNATURE CREDIT CARD and OCBC PLATINUM CREDIT CARD, OCBC 365 CREDIT CARD. Although the last one has red in it, the light grey and white predominate. Of course, numbers and letters are not as visible as on the dark background but if you don’t need it, there is no matter. The platinum card has stylish P handwritten on the card – Really good choice for differentiation from other cards. The Altitude card has a blue highlight but this is totally cool because you can earn a lot of miles with this card so the blue color, like the sky, is totally appropriate.

All credit cards should have designs that stimulate happiness. It was long ago when we use money, like paper money and don’t trust cards. Fortunately, these times are over now. Today, you can spend money with a style. In addition, all credit cards have some discounts or points so it is not only about the spending any more. You can earn miles, shop with discounts, receive gifts or just enjoy your stylish credit card.

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