Invisalign is a revolution

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Do you know how terrified our kids, when they hear the word “braces”? Most children don’t want to sacrifice their dignity for a perfect smile. Half of the braces that dentists place to children are accompanied by crying and punishments. Unfortunately several years ago there was no other choice than braces. Now the situation is completely different. Invisalign has been invented and patients can choose between aligns and braces.

Invisalign cost in Singapore is almost equal to the cost of braces so it is completely up to the patient and his will, according to Today children have the opportunity to save their dignity and to gain a perfect smile. Teeth care is something that is developing as a part of medicine, so we can expect a lot of innovations and new methods with be implemented. But let’s focus on Invisalign.

What exactly Invisalign is?

It is a technology for cosmetic and health purposes. They are called by this name because they are almost invisible and no one will spot that you wear them. They are created to be transparent and removable. The great difference comes from the fact they are made specifically for your teeth with the help of 3D technology. If we look them closely, we will notice that they are actually aligners that have to move slightly your teeth.

After your first consultation with a dentist, he will make a 3D model of your teeth and what will be the results of the treatment. The length of the treatment is more than a year and a half if the problem is serious and can be less than a year if the changes are not significant. The custom plan will be made because you will have to visit your dentist every 2 weeks to change the aligners.

As you may notice the Invisalign price in Singapore is completely reasonable with all the preparations and changes. However, Invisalign technology is made to be movable. This means that you can remove the aligners from your teeth every time you want but you have to wear them at least 22 hours daily. Some additional requirement is to remove them every time you chew; this is not valid for drinking water. Unfortunately, if you want to drink a cup of tea or a coffee, you should do it without the aligners otherwise they will smudge.

Invisalign Singapore is a perfect technology if you desire to move some of your teeth in other direction. It is a complex solution and it has a proven result. Invisalign are an effective treatment for deep, open and underbite. Gripped or crowded teeth can be improved with it, too.

Have in mind, that every time you change your aligners, your teeth won’t fit perfectly in. This is happening because new aligners are suitable for your slightly improved teeth shape, not the present one. Unfortunately, there will be some tense and inconvenience but at least your smile won’t be ruined.

This treatment has so big success because of several reasons.



One of them is invisalign cost because it is acceptable and people can afford to have another option than braces. Another reason is that invisalign treatment is really improving people’s teeth without forcing them to feel ashamed of their smile. The third reason is that the color of aligners is transparent and if you don’t want people to know that you are wearing them, they won’t know it. As we have mentioned, this is really important for teenagers and children who don’t want to look ugly in front of their friends.

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