My savior — Ellanse dermal filler

ellanse dermal filler Singapore

As every 40 years lady, I had some doubts that my skin is not looking as fresh as it was in my 30s. I have several friends who have undergone some cosmetic treatments but their results were temporary and too obvious. One of them has a nose job and it was a permanent solution but the rest have some improvements that last less than a year. I was disappointed that if I want to tighten my facial skin I will have to visit the dermatologist regularly. As every 40 years old lady, I use makeup. Unfortunately, lately, I have started to use more and more makeup. This was not the right solution. Our skin becomes really tired from heavy makeup and the results are visible when you remove the mascara and eyeshadows.

My best friend booked me an appointment for Dr. Israr Wong because she has some different face filler — Ellanse dermal fillers.

I went to the consultation with mixed feelings. I wanted to restore volume and fresh skin but I don’t want to look fake and desperate of chasing the youth. Have you noticed really old ladies with so many fillers that their appearance suffers? I didn’t want this effect. Both men and women deserve to have natural improvements, the modern world should have more modern ways of making us young again.

Dr. Israr Wong explains to me that Ellanse Singapore is different biodegradable filler because it stimulates your own skin to produce collagen.

Ellanse is perfect for filling deep wrinkles because it rejuvenates face instantly. I wanted to lift my cheeks a little and Ellanse could do that fast and natural. The great benefit of Ellanse Singapore is that the result is traceable immediately. I have heard that hyaluronic acid can cause loose skin after it’s degrading; with Ellanse this effect is impossible. Although it is still filler and it will fill the wrinkles it will stimulate the skin to improve its condition internally.

My main concern was that I would have to repeat the procedure so often that it will be my main mission in life from now on. Fortunately, Dr. Israr Wong explains to me that Ellanse Singapore has different types according to the length of degrading under the skin. It means that there is a solution for people who want more permanent filler. I was so happy that I booked an appointment for treatment immediately. Not long after that my face was improved with help of one needle and one filler Ellanse M. It should last up to 20 months which is a year and a half.

Of course, it is strongly individual and my body could absorb the filler faster or slower than that.

However, the procedure was totally painless because of Dr. Israr Wong’s professionalism. I couldn’t believe but the difference was visible immediately — right after the needle I can see where the filler starts working. Dr. Israr Wong told me that my face can be swelled for several days but it didn’t happen, so I suppose I was lucky. I have read online that some girls had bruises and pain after the procedure. I suppose every face is different and every dermatologist, too. Have in mind, that there are a lot of specialists who can provide this treatment but not all of them have enough experience and the results could be disappointing instead of inspirational. I am glad that my best friend shows me Dr. Israr Wong and Ellanse fillers. Without My Ellanse savior, I still would have deep wrinkles and broken self-esteem. The women age should conflict her appearance!

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